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ATHENS! Thank You Thank You Thank You!! This night was one of — if not — our favorite shows we have EVER played. We cannot thank you enough for the kind words and the dancing! We look forward to seeing you again soon!
Thank YOU!!!!

- Lurrz



Last practice at Morningstar. 
Last practice before Athens. 
So that Jason can play his First show with us.
At our First out of town show.
Maybe we’ll have more firsts.
Like our first one night stand.
Except Kyle. He’s had those before. 
Maybe Kyle can his his first…
… pineapple juice or some shit.

When every instrument comes together, it goes the listen a big spurt of elation.

"The Musical Junkie" reviewing our latest EP, "Biting the Tongue." The rest of the glowing review can be read, HERE